Revolutionizing E-Commerce in Fitness: Top Sportswear Brands Thriving on Shopify Plus

Revolutionizing E-Commerce in Fitness: Top Sportswear Brands Thriving on Shopify Plus - XOVAK STUDIO


In the fast-paced world of online shopping, Shopify Plus emerges as a beacon of innovation and efficiency, particularly in the sportswear and fitness sector. This platform has become the cornerstone for numerous successful sportswear brands, offering unparalleled features and flexibility. Today, we dive into how these brands are redefining online shopping and why Shopify Plus is their platform of choice.

1. Gymshark: A Global Phenomenon

Gymshark's meteoric rise in the fitness world is a testament to its quality products and robust online presence. Transitioning to Shopify Plus was a pivotal move, allowing Gymshark to scale rapidly and meet evolving customer demands seamlessly. Their integration of Shopify's POS system exemplifies a harmonious blend of online and offline customer experiences.

2. SourceBMX: Innovating with Customization

SourceBMX stands out with its unique bike builder feature, seamlessly integrated with Shopify Plus. This customization tool enhances the shopping experience, allowing enthusiasts to design their dream BMX bikes. SourceBMX's website is a perfect example of how e-commerce can be both user-friendly and technologically advanced.

3. Fabletics: Fashionable Fitness Wear

Fabletics has carved a niche in affordable athleisure wear since 2013. Leveraging customer data through a VIP subscription model, Fabletics optimizes its Shopify Plus platform to offer personalized shopping experiences. Their 'Shop the Look' feature not only boosts sales but also fosters a community of fashion-forward fitness enthusiasts.

4. Muc-Off: Elevating Online Presence

Muc-Off, known for its protective solutions for bikes and motorbikes, has enhanced its Shopify Plus website to be more responsive and user-centric. The site's design focuses on elevating user experience and average order values, showcasing Muc-Off's commitment to both product quality and customer satisfaction.

5. Kayla Itsines: Empowering Women in Fitness

Australian gym trainer Kayla Itsines has leveraged Shopify Plus to create a platform offering fitness programs, advice, and inspiration. Her focus on women's fitness needs and goals highlights the versatility of Shopify Plus in catering to niche markets.

6. Aquaplanet Sports: A New Wave in E-Commerce

Transitioning from WooCommerce to Shopify Plus, Aquaplanet Sports has seen a significant boost in sales and market expansion. Their website, built with Shopify's 'Sections Everywhere' feature, is a testament to the platform's adaptability and ease of use.

7. Alo Yoga: Bringing Yoga to the World

Alo Yoga's mission to make yoga accessible globally is supported by their Shopify Plus website. The platform's flexibility allows them to manage online subscriptions and sell a wide range of yoga clothing, demonstrating the diverse capabilities of Shopify Plus.

8. Outdoor Voices: Community and Fitness

Outdoor Voices' focus on community building is evident in their Shopify Plus website. Their OV Kits feature recommends clothing based on exercise type, blending expert guidance with customer freedom, a unique approach in the fitness e-commerce space.

9. Altitude Sports: Pioneering Online Sports Retail

As an early adopter of e-commerce, Altitude Sports has evolved its Shopify Plus website to include innovative features like an intuitive search function, enhancing customer experience and potentially boosting sales.

10. ZyroFisher: Streamlining Brand Management

ZyroFisher's migration to Shopify Plus for managing over 60 brands showcases the platform's capability to handle complex e-commerce ecosystems, making it an ideal choice for distributors and multi-brand retailers.


Shopify Plus is not just a platform; it's a game-changer in the e-commerce world, especially for sportswear brands. Its ability to adapt, scale, and provide unique features makes it the go-to choice for businesses looking to excel online. At Xovak Studio, we understand the nuances of e-commerce and are equipped to help your brand leverage Shopify Plus to its fullest potential. Contact us to embark on your journey to e-commerce success.