Xovak Studio: Where Premium Web & Software Services Don't Break the Bank.

At Xovak Studio, excellence isn't just a buzzword—it's a mantra embodied by a team unparalleled in their expertise. More than just a leading web development and software development company, we represent a collective whose passion resonates in every project. Our mission? To elevate every endeavor to its zenith.

Our technology aficionados, fueled by a relentless drive, consistently outperform expectations. They've championed projects for diverse clientele spanning global frontiers. And the pinnacle of our service? Offering world-class, bespoke Shopify Plus development without the premium price tag. Delivering on promises, punctuality, and perfection is our norm, ensuring your project isn’t just complete, but it stands out in the digital realm.

There's a synergy in our ethos: top-tier quality juxtaposed with affordable pricing. It's not just a business strategy—it's our pledge to you. Our ever-growing clientele's loyalty isn’t just fostered by our unparalleled technical prowess, but also the genuine connections we build. And sure, we make a great cup of coffee, but it's our unwavering dedication and results that have our partners returning time and again.

From Humble Beginnings to Digital Mastery

In 2014, we embarked on an unparalleled digital adventure. What began as a spark ignited by web development passion transformed Xovak Studio into a top-tier tech agency. Today, we're globally acknowledged for our innovative web solutions and intricate software design prowess.

Diving deep into web application development, our team tailors enterprise solutions to fit every client's unique blueprint. Moreover, our dynamic approach to e-commerce development stands as a testament to our adaptability and forward-thinking.

But Xovak is more than just an agency. We're your dedicated partners in digital success. From conceptualization to deployment, we journey with you, turning visions into digital masterpieces. With a dynamic team versed in the latest software and web development techniques, we're here to set industry benchmarks.

Trust Xovak Studio, where state-of-the-art technology blends seamlessly with authentic collaboration, and watch your digital aspirations soar.

Our Ambition

Delivering Extraordinary Websites, Web Apps and Shopify (Plus) Online store

Your Dedicated Crew

When surrounded by smart, passionate people, and equipped with the best tools and approaches, you'll make giant leaps toward creating a successful business. Due to space constraints, we couldn't feature everyone here. However, if you're interested in meeting the entire team, we'd love to chat!

  • Khushbu


  • Tej


  • Anaya

    Project Manager

  • Dev Patel


  • Megha

    Design Lead

  • Chibi

    Project Manager

  • Palak

    QA Team Lead

  • Jay

    Shopify Expert

  • Pushpraj

    Sales Head

Happy Clients :)

Hear from Our Clients: Authentic Testimonials & Legitimate Success!

José Arroyo

Extraordinary talented developers with extensive experience in creating and customising online stores. They are proactive, reliable, and capable of delivering high-quality results within tight deadlines. An effective communicator and an exceptional collaborator. I would highly recommend Xovak Studio for Shopify & Shopify Plus projects. Feel free to reach out to them for future collaborations.

Simon Marmot

I have worked with Xovak Studio for several months now and I am happy to give them a recommendation. They are smart, attentive, responsive and overall good at their job. I can always rely on them to come back with a sound recommendation and plan of attack. Thank you guys for your work and amazing support on our custom web development project.

Dee Bjørnholt-Mogensen

I have been incredibly happy with the work that Xovak Studio has delivered for our webshop and supply management system!
I would highly recommend them for any custom work or alterations you require on your website, Apps and e-commerce(ShopifyPlus). They have been remarkably good, Communication has been flawless and very easy through emails. Very Nice :)