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Founded in 2014, Xovak has carved a niche as a distinguished leader in the realm of web and software development, With a talent pool brimming with certified tech savants and an agile R&D team at its core, we guarantee the delivery of supreme IT solutions, tailored for global clients. Our expertise isn’t confined to developing vibrant websites; we are celebrated for crafting innovative web applications and receiving industry acclaim for standout Shopify Plus solutions. Catering to a varied clientele ranging from emerging startups to established enterprises, we offer solutions meticulously sculpted to mirror your unique business goals and aspirations. Opting for Xovak means not only investing in swift project delivery and cost-effectiveness but also forming an alliance with a top-tier partner, celebrated for unparalleled expertise in web, software, and Shopify Plus development.

Discover top-tier Web, Software, and e-commerce solutions: Why our innovation stands out in the tech industry.

  • Your Project, Our Passionate Team

    Leverage over ten years of top-tier web development expertise. Our seasoned professionals excel in seamless project communication. Committed to excellence, we elevate your online footprint, ensuring your digital platform stands out with unparalleled industry acumen. Your project isn't just a task for us; we're genuinely passionate about your project.

  • Smart Strategies and Engagement

    Elevate Your Business with Proven Web Strategies & Active Engagement: Select from our expert-crafted engagement models designed for ultimate enterprise success. From dedicated, ongoing collaboration to achievement-driven results, our methodologies are precisely tuned to drive top-tier performance for your unique goals.

  • Promptly Delivered, Every Time

    You're more than a client; you're family. From day one, we're by your side, guiding every step. Our team invests heart and soul into your project, always checking in to keep things perfect. Crunch time? We're on it, down to the smallest detail. Burning the midnight oil to meet a deadline? Count on us. We truly value your time and commit to making every moment shine.

  • Support Beyond the Launch.

    We don't stop at launch. We understand that real success is achieved through continuous improvement and steadfast support. We're committed to ensuring your platform runs smoothly and efficiently, day in and day out. We stay with you, ensuring your digital presence remains strong and your operations uninterrupted. Your achievements fuel ours.

Services Exclusively Designed, Distinctly Yours

    Web Development

    Venture into the realm of custom web development with a team that champions genuine innovation. Rejecting plugins, templates, or off-the-shelf solutions, Xovak stands out as a beacon in custom website services, ensuring a formidable online presence for brands. Prioritizing compelling UI/UX, our digital solutions not only enhance brand perception but are laden with features, ensuring robustness, security, and scalability. Our seasoned team, with a rich track record in crafting custom websites, web apps, and online stores, aligns seamlessly with your business goals. Committed to delivering cost-effective, tailored solutions, we guarantee unparalleled user experiences. So, if you're on the hunt for the absolute experts for your custom web development needs, Xovak is indisputably your premier choice.

    Enterprise Solutions

    At Xovak, we don't just develop; we craft with a vision. Picture a dedicated team, passionate about creating stellar, multi-layered digital solutions tailored just for your business. Whether you're imagining a personalized enterprise portal, unique B2B and B2C applications, or a robust eCommerce platform, we've got you covered. And it doesn't stop there. Our knack for designing bespoke ERP and CRM systems, combined with our finesse in streamlined billing and rock-solid financial transactions, makes us a preferred choice. Embracing the newest in web tech, we don't just promise security and scalability; we deliver it. Dive into a partnership with Xovak, and witness not just reduced operational costs, but a whole new level of efficiency and growth.

    E-commerce Development

    In an era where brick-and-mortar is rapidly giving way to online platforms, the role of e-commerce in modern retail is undeniable. For businesses ready to leap into this digital evolution, a top-notch e-commerce website isn't just an edge—it's an imperative. Xovak, renowned as a maestro in the eCommerce domain, especially with the industry giant Shopify Plus, crafts unparalleled, user-centric online shopping avenues. We cater to businesses of all magnitudes, from niche boutiques to sprawling retail behemoths. Our comprehensive services span from custom eCommerce web solutions to integrated online store designs. Bolstered by our in-depth knowledge in platforms like Shopify and Shopify Plus, we enhance our deliverables with robust content management systems, redefining standards in online retail excellence.

    Web Apps Development

    In today's competitive digital marketplace, having a mere online presence isn't enough. You need the expertise of genuine Web Apps Development experts. Step into the realm of Xovak Studio, where our 10 years of pioneering web development reflects our mastery in the domain. We don't just craft web platforms; we architect state-of-the-art web software characterized by seamless user experiences, squarely positioning us as the leading Web Apps Development experts. From bespoke corporate sites to intricate web apps and comprehensive portals, our proficiency is unmatched. With adept web architects mastering the freshest architectural patterns, including microservices, headless, and PWA, alongside developers skilled with a vast array of tools, Xovak Studio stands as the paragon in Web Apps Development. Choose the best, where dedication meets innovation, and ensure your web projects not only shine but outshine.

    UX/UI Design

    At Xovak Studio, we specialize in UI/UX design, curating digital masterpieces that captivate and convert. Utilizing state-of-the-art tools, our seasoned team meticulously crafts web and mobile experiences that not only align with your brand's ethos but also set industry benchmarks. Delving deep into both 2D and 3D design realms, our solutions seamlessly meld aesthetics with functionality. More than just designers, we're market strategists who understand the intricacies of digital design and its impact on user engagement. As the digital realm evolves, we stay one step ahead, ensuring your brand shines brightest amid the constellation of competitors. Entrust us with your vision, and watch us transform it into a holistic product that resonates with your target audience. With Xovak, it's not just about design—it's about crafting lasting impressions.

    CMS Development Mastery

    Dive deep into top-tier CMS development with Xovak Studio, your ultimate destination for high-quality web solutions. Specializing in creating dynamic B2B portals, interactive B2C websites, and efficient eCommerce solutions, we stand out in the crowded digital space. Our unbeatable track record, marked by a 100% project delivery rate, is a testament to our unwavering commitment and expertise in CMS web development. Every project we undertake is infused with innovation, ensuring a unique digital presence. Our seasoned team boasts in-depth experience with leading CMS platforms, including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and more. At Xovak Studio, we harmoniously merge creativity with the latest web technology trends, turning your digital aspirations into tangible realities. Trust in Xovak Studio for unparalleled CMS expertise and watch your digital footprint soar on search engine rankings.

    Shopify Plus Experts

    Venture into elite e-commerce realms with Xovak, the definitive Shopify Plus agency. Our expert team, enriched with deep Shopify experience, masterfully creates standout Shopify Plus storefronts optimized for maximum engagement. Whether you're navigating the nuances of Shopify Plus migration or transitioning from a different platform, we're your trusted partner, ensuring you tap into the platform's vast potential. As the e-commerce landscape grows and ventures into international arenas, rely on our Shopify Plus specialists to tackle global e-commerce challenges. Merging cutting-edge technology with creative prowess, we craft SEO-optimized Shopify solutions that are not just scalable but also magnetize your target audience. With Xovak, ascend to the top of search engine rankings and e-commerce success!

    Quality Assurance & Software Testing

    Step into the nexus of premier QA and software testing services with Xovak. Our dedicated testers, renowned for their unparalleled expertise, set the gold standard, ensuring swift product releases backed by unyielding quality. From comprehensive manual testing to cutting-edge automation testing, we've got every sphere covered. Delve into our capabilities: from Functional testing intricacies, refined GUI testing, to robust Usability, Security, and Database testing methodologies. Seamless cross-platform testing or meticulous cross-browser checks? We master them all. Leveraging the prowess of DevOps tools and pioneering automated build testing techniques, we don't just deliver—we catapult projects to success. Trust in Xovak, where top-tier SEO-optimized software testing elevates your digital solutions to the zenith of quality and performance.

    Hire Dedicated Developer

    Dreamt of assembling the best in software development? Xovak bridges that dream with reality, offering a chance to hire dedicated web developers who stand out in the industry. Explore our vast pool of software and web development mavens, handpicking those who align perfectly with your project's spirit. Whether it's a niche specialist for a quick project, a seasoned developer for a more extended mission, or a trusted hand for ongoing tasks, Xovak is your prime destination to hire web developers. From ideation to execution, watch your project gain momentum in as little as 48 hours, propelled by our team's expertise in modern web development technologies and frameworks. With a strategy that’s tuned into your goals, Xovak stands as a collaborative partner, turning visions into digital landmarks. Discover the Xovak edge, where hiring a dedicated web developer translates into unparalleled digital success.

    Your Go-To Shopify Plus Partners

    Xovak stands out as a unique PURE Shopify Plus Development Agency, expertly delivering bespoke Shopify and Shopify Plus webshops and apps designed to meet the intricate needs of our diverse clientele.

    Happy Clients :)

    Simon Marmot

    I have worked with Xovak Studio for several months now and I am happy to give them a recommendation. They are smart, attentive, responsive and overall good at their job. I can always rely on them to come back with a sound recommendation and plan of attack. Thank you guys for your work and amazing support on our custom web development project.

    Dee Bjørnholt-Mogensen

    I have been incredibly happy with the work that Xovak Studio has delivered for our webshop and supply management system!
    I would highly recommend them for any custom work or alterations you require on your website, Apps and e-commerce(ShopifyPlus). They have been remarkably good, Communication has been flawless and very easy through emails. Very Nice :)

    José Arroyo

    Extraordinary talented developers with extensive experience in creating and customising online stores. They are proactive, reliable, and capable of delivering high-quality results within tight deadlines. An effective communicator and an exceptional collaborator. I would highly recommend Xovak Studio for Shopify & Shopify Plus projects. Feel free to reach out to them for future collaborations.