Do You Actually Need Responsive Web Design For Your Business?

Do You Actually Need Responsive Web Design? - XOVAK STUDIO

Traffic is the Key

Almost 50% of traffic to e-commerce companies now comes from tablets and smart phones, yet according to a research done by IAB UK in April 2022, just one in three of the world's biggest brands have mobile-optimized websites. When you consider how many prospective clients visit retailers via mobile devices, this is a staggering fact! We make sales while sitting on our sofas with our tablets or while out and about with our smartphones.

The reality is that up to 50% of your overall sales may be lost if your store is not optimised for mobile devices. Whew! Because of this, Shopify Builder decided to make all of our websites fully responsive, and Shopify themselves support this trend by providing a wonderful selection of responsive themes in their theme store, the ability to manage your store and accept payments on the go, and most recently introducing a responsive checkout that blends effortlessly into your Shopify store.

So, other than the certain increase in sales, why would you decide to make your shop responsive? The flexibility of flexible web design to adjust to any screen resolution is one of its key advantages. Your website will automatically resize to suit the screen of the device it is being viewed on, regardless of its size. Responsive web design is undoubtedly tempting in light of the numerous various devices and screen resolutions they come in.

According to GoodFirms, 53.8% of web designers cite “not being responsive on all devices” as a top reason for a website to be redesigned. reports that 94% of people judge websites on responsive web design first. states that 57% of internet users confess they cannot recommend a business which has a badly designed web on mobile. reports that 80% of marketers use websites in their marketing strategies.

These statistics demonstrate why responsive web sites are better. Responsive web sites are essential for businesses in order to make a good first impression and to be recommended by internet users. 

So What are you Waiting for?

The cost of responsive web design is low. Before its release, many unique websites had to be developed in order to accommodate every type of device and its corresponding screen resolution. With today's technology, building a responsive website simply requires one website, one design update, and one content management system, saving you time and money! Responsive web design boosts SEO since just one website has to be updated. The advantage of this is that just one link will require content optimization.

This will increase your search engine exposure and rating since the URL format will be same across all devices! Even though it should be obvious, less than 10% of websites are responsive. Responsive web design not only increases consumer conversion rates, giving your shop more sales, but it also saves you time and money.

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What to Expect When Working with Xovak Studio?

When you work with us, you can expect a dedicated project manager who will be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We pride ourselves on our clear communication and proactive support.

Xovak Studio is a professional Shopify development company that offers high-quality results. The team consists of experienced developers and designers, who are knowledgeable in all aspects of the platform. We can help you create your online store from scratch or improve an existing one by adding new features and functionality.

The benefits of partnering with Xovak Studio include:

High-quality results

Professional and knowledgeable team

Cost-effective solutions


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