The 5 Shopify Design Mistakes Most Often Made That May Destroy Your Sales

Skyrocket your sales with unique Design

Inadequate understanding of responsive design

This is the most typical design error that store owners make while using Shopify. They choose the theme and alter it for desktop users, but they disregard mobile users.

It is past due for online store owners to design responsive storefronts that work properly on a range of digital devices. The days of merely using cell phones for calls and text messaging are long gone. People now use mobile devices to access the internet.

More than half of all internet traffic comes from smartphones. Hence, you are missing a sizeable portion of your website's potential audience if your eCommerce is not optimised for mobile users.

Make sure the theme you choose is mobile-friendly.

Hence, if you change the theme's design, navigation, CTAs, and so on, remember to optimise it for mobile devices!

Lack of a Site Search Option

Have you ever wondered why major eCommerce sites like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and others include a site search option in their main menu?

The site search tool allows your visitors to quickly find the goods they require without having to navigate through each each page.

Many Shopify newcomers neglect this critical functionality on their websites. Provide a site search option if you don't want to lose any more consumers since they couldn't find the goods.

Show the search option in the main menu so that your audience can see it.

The majority of the themes have a search function. If you need a more advanced search option, you may simply locate plugins for that.

Making Use of Low-Quality Pictures

What is an internet business without high-quality images?

In contrast to a physical store, a customer cannot touch, feel, handle, or try on a product at an eCommerce store. As a result, the photographs on your website must be effective in order to offer clients with a clear picture of the goods.

Posting low-quality, fuzzy photographs might be detrimental to your eCommerce store's conversion rates. If the photos aren't clear and appealing. In that instance, the prospect will have a tough time determining whether or not the product satisfies his expectations.

Upload clear, high-resolution photographs to your website at all times. Also, share product images from multiple perspectives to offer clients a better impression of the things. Take images in bright lighting with clean backgrounds. If photography isn't your thing, engage a product photographer to create visually attractive images for your website.

Lack of Suitable Filters

Why do people choose internet buying nowadays?

The explanation is straightforward: it saves them time.

As a result, the spirit of online buying is lost if your website is not built to assist users save time.

Visitors benefit greatly from the addition of filters to product pages. Particularly if you have a vast range of items. Filters can help buyers locate the things they want in a matter of seconds. Instead of browsing his screen for many minutes to find the merchandise. If your product page is too long, the buyer will become dissatisfied by scrolling indefinitely. Add filters on your product page to assist prospects find goods that they are interested in. Filtering items based on price, size, fabric, colours, and so on.

Long Load Time

Do you enjoy waiting for a webpage to fully load? Or do you use the return button if the webpage takes too long to load?

Slow-loading websites make it difficult to indulge in shopping therapy. Expect online consumers to be impatient if your website takes an eternity to load. They will leave without hesitation, increasing your bounce rate and harming your SEO.

As a result, in order to meet the expectations of impatient and hurried consumers, your website must speed up. A website's optimum loading time is less than 3 seconds. Also, 70% of purchasers said website loading speed influenced their purchasing choice. All of your efforts in creating the store will be for naught if the page does not load quickly. The consumer will abandon your store, most likely to browse the websites of your competitors. 

Choose a Shopify theme that is quick. Also, compress your code and picture assets to speed up the website's loading time. Additionally, delete any plugins that you no longer use because they add extra load to the website and slow it down. 

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